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Weight: 454g/ 16oz
Qty/Pkg: 1

NOW NO EGG. Free from gluten & Top 8 allergens. Unbelievably fluffy, great taste & texture, certain to make you smile. Healthy with more protein. Vitamin & Mineral enriched. VEGAN.


Weight: 222g/ 7.8oz
Qty/Pkg: six
No eggs. Light & crispy with a pleasant chewiness. A hit with celiacs, vegans & those who can't eat Top 8 allergens. In a 'blind' test against the best-selling waffle brand, ours came out on top.


Weight: 4 x 454g/ 16oz. Gross Wt 2.13 kg, 4.69 lbs

Comes in 4 clear pouches of pancake mix perfect for making so many recipes from cakes to cookies, breads to batter. Check 'Recipes' for more ideas. VEGAN.


Top that! A blank canvas for your favourite toppings. Savoury or sweet, try all the recipes we've created for you. VEGAN.

Weight: 300 g / 10.6 oz
Qty/Pkg: Two


Weight: 344g/ 12.1oz
Qty/Pkg: 4

Boiled then baked, just like the real ones. Chewy on the outside, soft & fluffy inside. We’re proud how good these are. Vitamin & Mineral enriched. Fibre added. VEGAN.


Weight: 220 g/ 8oz
Qty/Pkg: By Wt.

When one is never enough. Our most popular cookie--marshmallow and chocolate’s best friend. VEGAN.

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Weight: 240g
Qty/Pkg: 12
7.6 cm, 3"

Gamechanger. Melt in the mouth flaky tart shells await your sweet or savoury fillings. Tarts, quiches, mini-pies & whatever you can dream up. So versatile. Keep some in the freezer for surprise guests.

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Weight: 354 g/ 12.5 oz
Qty/Pkg: 6

Loved by everyone who's tried them. What butter & jam were made for. Eggs Benny's best buddy. Crispy & toasty. Turn them into sandwiches for school, lunch or office. Vitamin & Mineral enriched. OUT OF STOCK


Weight: 185 g/ 6.5 oz
Qty/Pkg: 1
Ready on the stove in minutes. Or use as a base for your family-favourite recipes and bake in the oven. VEGAN.


Weight: 180g/ 6.3oz
Qty/Pkg: By Wt.

Soft and light these are a delight with cold milk or your favourite hot drink. A perfect texture for trifles, tiramisu & the ever-popular banana custard.


Weight: 454g/ 16oz
Qty/Pkg: 1

NOW NO EGG. Free from gluten & Top 8 allergens. Fluffier than ever, it's sandwich lovers & kids' favourite. Soft, chewy and as close to the ‘real thing’ as it gets. Vitamin & Mineral enriched. VEGAN.


Weight: 504g/ 17.8oz
Qty/Pkg: 1

NOW NO EGG. Free from gluten and Top 8 allergens. It takes 30 years’ experience to bake bread THIS fluffy, safe and scrumptious. Vitamin & Mineral enriched. Fibre added. VEGAN. TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK


Weight: 615 g / 21.7 oz
Qty/Pkg: 1

Packs a big punch of healthy seeds like hemp & quinoa in a loaf big enough to take whatever fillings you throw at it. A scrumptious recipe you'd never know is gluten-free. VEGAN. Mineral & vitamin enriched.


Weight: 615 g / 21.7 oz
Qty/Pkg: 1

At last a bread that's big enough for the best fillings & scrumptious enough to taste exactly like the 'real thing'. Sure to become your family's favourite loaf. VEGAN. Vitamin & mineral enriched.

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