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The perfect filled crepe for all those seafood lovers! Perfect for Sunday morning brunch.

Perfect for light and refreshing cucumber sandwiches!

This smooth carrot soup with a touch of ginger is a perfect start to a meal or on its own.

Gooey Brie encased in a pastry crust smothered with fresh cranberry sauce.

This dairy free vegetarian pizza is a refreshing change to the ordinary.

Perfect carrier for all your favourite savoury or sweet fillings.

Ham and pineapple make up this classic pizza

The taste of thanksgiving wrapped up in a two bite appetizer.

This sweet summertime salsa is followed by a touch of heat!

This salsa pair’s perfect with our southwest chicken recipe.

For the veggie lover in all of us!

Add fresh arugula to this pizza for a peppery crisp finish.

Perfect with veggies, chips or spread on top of Crostini!

Tender chicken in a crispy coating, need we say more!

Zesty cheesy dip packed full of all your favourite pizza flavours. Crispy pizza crust wedges make the perfect carrier.

Fresh or canned crab works well for this dip. Perfect with chips, crackers or crostini’s!

Loved by family and friends alike.

A Tangy Sweet Salsa witha bit (or a lot) of heat.

Elevate crepes into a brunch focal point!

This is one of the favourites in the pizza world!

Simply topped and loaded with garden fresh flavours.

This thick, flavourful salsa will please everyone with it's exciting array of flavours and textures.

Perfect party treats!

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