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Serve hot from the oven with butter and coarse salt.

Pop in your mouth flavourful morsels.

Crispy bite size golden gems. Baked not fried!

A light and refreshing tartlet with notes of fresh lemon.

Perfect on their own as appetizer or the main attraction.

Loaded pizza with all your favourite nacho toppings.

An Italian classic, the same style as featured on our Pizza Crust Box

For the veggie lover in all of us!

Three of your favourite pizza toppings smothered between layers of gooey cheese.

This spicy combination is sure to get your mouth watering!

Savoury crisp focaccia triangles pair perfect with this spicy dip.

Use Kinnikinnick Flatbread or Pizza Crust. Perfect on their own or with your favourite dip or topping.

A sweet and tangy flatbread creation loaded with flavour and vibrant colours.

Everyone's favourite flavour combo. Sure to be a crowd pleaser when you're watching a big game.

The unforgettable flavours of a Philly Cheesesteak layered on a crisp flatbread.

Add an explosion of flavour to your next vegan creation.

This elegant creation has layers of flavours and colours. A surprise in every bite.

Zesty vibrant dip pairs well with veggies or toasted bread for dipping.

Sweet, savoury and tart - with pops of red. Perfect to add to your holiday appetizer line up.

Savoury grab and go meat pockets. Great as an appetizer or the main course.

A stunning way to showcase all your favourite harvest flavours.

Rich flavourful dip that goes great spread on any Kinnikinnick toasted bread.

Golden potato crisps loaded with flavour.

Succulent steak strips nestled on top of a parmesan crusted potato.

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