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Savoury grab and go meat pockets. Great as an appetizer or the main course.

A stunning way to showcase all your favourite harvest flavours.

Rich flavourful dip that goes great spread on any Kinnikinnick toasted bread.

Golden potato crisps loaded with flavour.

Succulent steak strips nestled on top of a parmesan crusted potato.

Vibrant red plump tomatoes nestled on a crisp crostini.

Loaded with an array of toppings creates a new creation in every bite.

A French-style pastry filled with an array of colours and flavours nestled in a flakey crust.

Mushroom lovers rejoice, this flatbread is made just for you!

Sweet, savoury and tart with pops of red perfect to add to your appetizer line up.

Pickled and marinated vegetables add exceptional flavour and a unique look to this appetizer.

Featured on our Flatbread product packaging - loaded with vibrant colours and flavours

A layered dip perfect for your next picnic excursion.

A fully loaded dip packed full of creamy, cheesy, meaty beany, corny goodness. A beer's best friend.

A simple and delicious salad that’s perfect for picnics. Change it up by adding your favourite veggies.

Love the taste of deviled eggs but want something a little more filling...try this elegant crostini version at your next gathering.

Use individual mason jars for the perfect grab and go salad on your next sunny picnic day.

Try this refreshing brushetta for your next Sunday brunch or afternoon drinks on the patio.

Need a change from the ordinary pan fry potatoes, try these gems that are baked in the oven.

Elegant, colourful and creamy, these deviled eggs with a twist make an artsy statement to any appetiser spread.

Try this rich and creamy classic recipe , perfect for the hoidays.

This simple salad pairs perfect with grilled steak or chicken!

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