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Fresh or canned crab works well for this dip. Perfect with chips, crackers or crostini’s!

Loved by family and friends alike.

A Tangy Sweet Salsa witha bit (or a lot) of heat.

Elevate crepes into a brunch focal point!

Simply topped and loaded with garden fresh flavours.

This thick, flavourful salsa will please everyone with it's exciting array of flavours and textures.

Perfect party treats!

This buttery hot sauce has just a touch of heat.

A quick and simple addition to your next outdoor gathering.

Need a change from the ordinary, try this potato salad at your next BBQ gathering.

Trying to get your kids to try different vegetables? Try this version of a stuffed squash as a meal or a side dish.

Serve these golden gems with jam, honey or gravy.

Change it up! Use this quick appi filling on a crostini or tart shell filling.

Crispy and Tasty these "little toasts" make the perfect base for dozens of appetizers.

All the things you love about a BLT in a bite size morsel!

This fancy appetizer is sweet and savoury, with just the right amount of gooey cheese!

We’ve taken our chili chicken recipe and created a stunning appetizer.

Sweet, succulent shrimp, coated with crispy coconut and dipped into a spicy mango sauce. Created By Carol Kicinski,SimplyGluten-Free.com

A deconstruction of the traditional dish lets all the textures and tastes shine.

Savoury,Toast cups filled with rich flavours of onions and brie

Change it up by changing the base or cheese. Our pizza crust with Havarti cheese works great for an alternate recipe

Try this twist to your buffalo chicken for your next gathering.

Add a little tang to your summer BBQ!

Mini bites perfect for parties, made in minutes.

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