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For a twist to the normal breakfast routine.

Who says fancy cooking is just for the professionals, the perfect complement to a brie and bacon sandwich.

This veggie creation is packed full of flavour. Change up your veggies for a completely different creation.

We’re using our blueberry bagels for this version of a blueberry bread pudding!

This moist cake is perfect for brunch, dessert or an afternoon snack.

This timeless classic is perfect for breakfast lunch or dinner.

We've taken our Pancake Mix and elevated it into a classic coffee cake!

Perfect carrier for all your favorite savoury or sweet fillings.

This version of our Lemon Cranberry Muffin uses our Pancake mix instead.

This traditional favorite is perfect for breakfast or dessert. Serve warm with your favorite toppings… My favorite is served with a caramel drizzle and vanilla bean ice cream. YUMMY!

Don’t have time to watch a pot try this baked version of rice pudding.

The Classic flavours of a Denver sandwich in a flakey pastry shell.

These tea biscuits are perfect with or without the lemon drizzle.

Serve over french toast, pancakes or angel food cake. The possibilities are endless!

This light and fluffy omelet packed full of flavour, is perfect for anytime of the day.

Don’t have any bread on hand? Try Kinnikinnick Waffles for your next sandwich creation!

These muffins are packed with cranberries and a punch of lemon flavour

These popovers are packed full of blueberry flavour. Best served hot from the oven.

This combination of Sweet and Tart is sure to get the taste buds going.

Two seasonal favourites combined in one deliciously moist cake.

This classy looking cake is perfect for any occasion.

Who says pancake mix is just for pancakes!

Who says pancake mix is just for pancakes! Try this version of our banana bread.

Moist and traditional Banana Bread.

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