Individually wrapped gluten-free rolls perfect for elegant dinner parties or school lunches. Six in a pack. Toasty, crusty, light & fluffy. Now free from Top 8 allergens including egg.

Weight: 294 g/ 10.3 oz
Qty/Pkg: 6 PACK


Loved by all. Crispy & toasty gluten-free English Muffins free from Top 8 allergens & vegan. What butter & jam were made for. Eggs Benny's best buddy. Safe & scrumptious for sandwiches. Vitamin & Mineral enriched.
Weight: 354 g/ 12.5 oz
Qty/Pkg: 6


Crunchy crusts &,"soft pillows of goodness," describe our gluten-free dinner rolls. Perfect for an elegant dinner party or school lunch. Individually wrapped. Free from gluten & top 8 allergens. VEGAN.
Weight: 588 g/ 20.7 oz
Qty/Pkg: 12 PACK SIZE

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Gluten-free Hamburger Buns free from Top 8 allergens,. Add your favorite patty and fillings then let your taste-buds party. Vitamin & Mineral enriched. VEGAN. OUT OF STOCK.
Weight: 245g/ 8.6oz
Qty/Pkg: 4


Gluten-free Hot Dog Buns free from Top 8 allergens. Hot dogs, just got a new best friend. Vitamin & Mineral enriched. Great for sandwiches or slice into Crostini appetizers. VEGAN.
Weight: 285g/ 10oz
Qty/Pkg: 4


Chewy outside, soft inside, blueberry gluten-free bagels with real fruit pieces set these beauties in a class of their own. Boiled before baking, they taste like the 'real' thing. Loved by lunch boxes. Vitamin & Mineral enriched, Fibre added. VEGAN.

Weight: 344g/ 12.1oz
Qty/Pkg: 4


Chewy outside, soft in the middle gluten-free bagels plump full of raisins & spiced with cinnamon. Vitamin & Mineral enriched. Fibre added. VEGAN. Free from Top 8 allergens.
Weight: 352g/ 12.4oz
Qty/Pkg: 4


Chewy on the outside, soft & fluffy inside gluten-free bagels. Boiled then baked, just like the real ones. We’re proud how good these are. Vitamin & Mineral enriched. Fibre added.
Weight: 344g/ 12.1oz
Qty/Pkg: 4


Super popular. Toast & add your favorite topping to these gluten-free English Muffins for a quick & delicious breakfast or brunch. A benediction for eggs. Vitamin & Mineral enriched.
Weight: 375g/ 13.5oz
Qty/Pkg: 4