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Great as an afternoon snack or in your favourite pies and cakes!

This trifle uses Kinnikinnick Angel Food Cake Mix.

Try this dairy free vanilla icing for your next batch of cupcakes.

Love apple pie but want something a little more elegant? We have the perfect solution with these individual apple gems!

Using Kinnikinnick Sugar Cookie Mix you can create a variety of delectable cookies.

Perfect for any time of year. These little bite size cookies melt in your mouth.

This combination of sweet and tart is sure to get the taste buds going.

This restaurant quality cheesecake is sure to impress!

Try our White Cake Mix for your next cupcake party!

A moist and healthier version of a chocolate cake.

You won’t believe how simple this elegant looking recipe is!

This timeless classic is always a light and refreshing treat!

Light and refreshing dessert or afternoon snack!

A light, refreshing treat perfect for spring and summer.

The perfect answer for those leftover egg yolks from Angel Food cake!

This sweet and salty creation is sure to turn anyone into an apple pie lover!

Everyting goes better with Chocolate Sauce! Perfect finisher for your favourite dessert, ice cream or crepe.

These soft cookies are packed with lots of natural flavours.

Perfect dessert for summertime BBQ season! Served on a sugar crusted tea biscuit.

A light and airy golden sponge topped with fresh summertime strawberries.

These chocolatey coconut cookies won’t last long!

Traditional sugar cookie perfect for decorating or on their own.

Great on its own or served with fresh berries and whipping cream.

This cheesecake is packed full of orange flavour!

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