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Is it a cake or cookie...these super moist cookie bars have a subtle hint of pumpkin.

Try this quick and easy trifle sure to impress your guests!

It’s hard to stop after just one. Seasonal scrumptiousness.

These cookies are moist, light and have a cakey texture.

This super moist cake has that wow factor that is sure to impress your guests!

These are great to pre- make and freeze, they're the perfect anytime dessert!

Try this salted caramel version of our base butter cream for your next cake or cupcake.

Everyone will think you fussed! Fun for Kids and Adults.

For those red velvet lovers we’ve created a breakfast just for you.

Try this salty twist on caramel sauce, perfect for a topping or dip.

A pretty gluten free cupcake with a sweet surprise inside. Created by Carol Kicinski, SimplyGluten-Free.com

Try this dairy free chocolate icing for your next batch of cupcakes.

These moist muffins are a perfect pick me up anytime of the day.

Perfect topping on our orange creamsicle cupcake.

A simple recipe loaded with flavour.

Try this moist and traditional banana bread.

We've taken our basic butter cream and added a hint of mint for the holiday season.

This chocolate sauce is packed full of fudgey goodness. Perfect for your next sundae creation.

This creamy buttery icing has just a touch of chocolate.

If you love a good chewy cookie this one is sure to please!

Use Kinnikinnick Flakey pie crust recipe or Kinnikinnick prepared pie shells

Use Kinnikinnick Flakey pie crust recipe or Kinnikinnick prepared pie shells

Is it a brownie or a cookie or a bar!

The perfect treat for any time of the day.

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