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These aerated clouds of coconut are a coconut lover’s dream cookie.

This filling can be used for coconut cream pie or in between layers of a cake.

Layers of coconut cream cheese icing make up this flavourful cake.

This dessert is so simple and takes just 5 minutes to prepare. Created by Carol Kicinski, SimplyGluten-Free.com

White cupcakes with pieces of KinniTOOS® and a rich butter cream icing. Yummy!

A tart cranberry nestled inside a smooth ginger filling enrobed in white chocolate.

This classy looking cake is perfect for any occasion.

Deep rich notes of sweet dates, it's hard to stop after just one slice.

Perfect for that leftover eggnog!

These soft cookies have a subtle hint of eggnog.

This cake is packed with rum flavour perfect for the holiday saeson!

This is a light and Flakey pie crust sure to turn anyone into a pie lover.

Add a different flavour of gelatin for anytime of the year.

This silky smooth chocolatey cheesecake is perfect on its own.

Great for holiday cookies or gingerbread houses.

This Holiday tradition is fun for the whole family

If you are cuckoo for coconuts – this is the dessert for you! Created by Carol Kicinski, SimplyGluten-Free.com

This gluten-free, dairy free bread pudding is creamy, rich and completely swoon-worthy. Created by Carol Kicinski, SimplyGluten-Free.com

This light and airy dessert with a touch of mint is perfect for St Patrick's Day Festivities!

Try grilling your pineapple and bananas on your next nearly famous banana split!

Perfect addition to any dessert, ice cream, crepes or pancakes!

This classic is a sticky sweet treat for adults and kids!

Chocolate or jam filled bite size perfection. Created by Devan McGuinness AccustomedChaos.com

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