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S'mores-inspired, chocolate-coated sponge roll, filled with marshmallow pillows and crunchy Graham Cracker toppings. A wow dessert, guaranteed.

Silky smooth chocolaty cheesecake topped with marshmallow and graham crackers. Taste buds tremble at the decadence. For sure, everyone will be asking for S'more of one of these beauties.

Cupcakes that taste just like the campfire. Everything you need for a S'more brought together in individually-sized cakes, sure to delight. Picnic & party perfect.

When you want summer campfire in a cookie you can love all year round. Graham Crackers, chocolate and marshmallow all in one chewy cookie.

Double trouble. Chocolate cookie dough loaded with all the favourites. Milk chocolate, marshmallows and Graham Crackers. Who needs a campfire? Year-round joy.

A memorable cake that hits every note of campfire S'mores. Irresistible, rich layers of moist sponge, scrumptious fudge filling, butter cream and marshmallow all topped off with chocolate or choice Doesn't get much better.

Try this twist to a classic cinnamon bun. Loaded with raspberries and a touch of citrus flavour.

An Easter tradition, these Hot Cross Buns are loaded with fruit and spices.

Cookie pieces in every bite with layers of vibrant red strawberry filling.

Explosion of everyone's favourite gluten-free sandwich crème cookie!

OMG! Chocolate heavenly goodness with a coffee espresso filling.

Super moist Confetti Cake decorated with your favourite candy. An explosion of flavours!

Great on their own, added to a snack mix or as decorations on your favourite cake or cupcake creation. Watch video.

Classic southern dessert with layers of custard, bananas and vanilla wafers.

We've taken are super moist white cake and layered it with our vanilla wafers and banana pudding goodness.

Bite size vanilla wafers covered in decadent chocolate with a creamy filing.

A perfect afternoon pick me up. Add one to your next lunch box creation.

Silky smooth cheesecake, full of seasonal spice. Learn how to make a steam bath for a crack-free result. Watch the How-to video.

This recipe makes two pies, one for your guests and one for you the next day!

A light, refreshing and elegant individual dessert. You're going to want more than one!

Ready in minutes. Change the puree for your own favourite creation.

Super moist individual cakes topped with a marshmallow buttercream. Decorate spooky-style for Halloween.

An explosion of harvest flavours in every bite.

No dehydrator no worries. This version is dried out in your oven.

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