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Buttermilk waffles topped with crispy chicken pieces smothered in your favourite topping.

A no fail recipe that will please the whole table.

Chocolate brings out the dark, rich full flavour of chicken or ribs!

This dish is packed full of flavour. Perfect for any time of the day.

Try this twist to your buffalo chicken for your next gathering.

A quick and easy way to use our Pizza Crust.

For a different twist try this stuffing made with raisin bread and dried fruit, perfect with poultry or pork.

This german classic is sure to get those taste buds salivating.

Perfect party treats!

This buttery hot sauce has just a touch of heat.

Need a change from the ordinary, try this potato salad at your next BBQ gathering.

This chicken dish is packed full of flavours!

This classic creole style dish is perfect for those cold winter days.

We've taken our roasted chicken pizza and created an amazing pasta dish.

This hearty savoury dish is great to keep on hand for quick meal planning.

This chili has a touch of sweetness and a beautiful reddish brown colour from the addition of cocoa.

Add different spices, cheeses meat, veggies or herbs for a new taste.

Trying to get your kids to try different vegetables? Try this version of a stuffed squash as a meal or a side dish.

We’ve classed this pizza up for your next social gathering!

Using our signature Dry Cocoa Rub, .serve with our Chocolate BBQ sauce for dipping!

The perfect snack or served with Breakfast, lunch or Dinner.

Tired of tomato sauces and marinara...try this creamy pesto for your next pasta night!

These sweet sticky ribs won’t last long!

A deconstruction of the traditional dish lets all the textures and tastes shine.

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