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This chili has a touch of sweetness and a beautiful reddish brown colour from the addition of cocoa.

Add different spices, cheeses meat, veggies or herbs for a new taste.

Trying to get your kids to try different vegetables? Try this version of a stuffed squash as a meal or a side dish.

We’ve classed this pizza up for your next social gathering!

Using our signature Dry Cocoa Rub, .serve with our Chocolate BBQ sauce for dipping!

The perfect snack or served with Breakfast, lunch or Dinner.

Tired of tomato sauces and marinara...try this creamy pesto for your next pasta night!

These sweet sticky ribs won’t last long!

A deconstruction of the traditional dish lets all the textures and tastes shine.

An easy & delicious gluten free potato side dish using Kinnikinnick Panko Style Bread crumbs.

This dairy free vegetarian pizza is a refreshing change to the ordinary.

Ham and pineapple make up this classic pizza

A healthy and tasty alternative to fast food!

Add fresh arugula to this pizza for a peppery crisp finish.

Tender chicken in a crispy coating, need we say more!

Looking for a little zip to your everyday potatoes, try this creation for your next gathering.

Add a little heat to your next chicken burger.

Looking for something with a little more wow factor then a hot dog... Try this at your next patio gathering!

Second Week of January is National Pizza Month. Like we need a reason to have Pizza!

We’ve taken our cornerstone burger recipe and stuffed it with bacon, cheese and jalapenos. Oh My!

Add a little tang to your summer BBQ!

Change your base to a crostini for a different look and texture.

The Classic! Try this pizza on our Kinnikinnick Pizza Crust using our basic pizza sauce recipe.

Mini bites perfect for parties, made in minutes.

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