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Great baked in the oven, BBQ or fire pit!

Crispy bacon and gooey cheese, what could be better!

Who says pancakes aren’t for dinner! Try this savoury sweet pancake packed full of flavour.

Add a little heat to your Panko with this southwest mix.

This recipe uses our Sriracha Honey Ginger Sauce.

This recipe uses our Sriracha Honey Ginger Sauce.

A simple and delicious salad that’s perfect for picnics. Change it up by adding your favourite veggies.

A super simple recipe with fancy results! Wow your friends with your cooking prowess!

Sure to become one of your fall favourites!

The perfect comfort food to use up leftover turkey on those cold winter nights, no turkey on hand any Poultry will do!

For a completely different taste, change up the type of bread. Any of Kinnikinnick Soft Breads work great in this recipe!

A gluten free version of a recipe from the Best Of Bridge cookbook series

This veggie creation is packed full of flavour. Change up your veggies for a completely different creation.

Looking to add a little colour to your dinner plate! Try this as a meal or a side dish.

For the veggie lover in all of us!

Traditionally made with veal, try pork or chicken for a more budget friendly version!

The classic flavours of a Denver sandwich in a flakey pastry crust.

No plain boring green beans here! Perfect side dish for any protein being served.

This timeless classic is perfect for breakfast lunch or dinner.

With or without the bacon this Quiche is packed full of Flavours.

This quiche is packed full of flavour with a creamy goat cheese finish.

This quiche is packed full of tarragon flavour.

Comfort food for celebrations or snacks. White bread, cheese & herbs combined in a fragrant, crunchy dish to die for.

A little bit of sweet and heat !

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