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At last a bread that's big enough for the best fillings & scrumptious enough to taste exactly like the 'real thing', gluten-free & free from top allergens. VEGAN. Vitamin & mineral enriched. VEGAN.. OUT OF STOCK
Weight: 615 g / 21.7 oz
Qty/Pkg: 1


Packs a punch of healthy seeds like hemp & quinoa in a gluten-free wide loaf big enough to take whatever fillings you throw at it. A scrumptious recipe you'd never know is free from gluten & Top 8 allergens. Mineral & vitamin enriched. VEGAN. Max 10 per customer
Weight: 615 g / 21.7 oz
Qty/Pkg: 1


Loved by all. Crispy & toasty gluten-free English Muffins free from Top 8 allergens & vegan. What butter & jam were made for. Eggs Benny's best buddy. Safe & scrumptious for sandwiches. Vitamin & Mineral enriched. VEGAN.
Weight: 354 g/ 12.5 oz
Qty/Pkg: 6


Ready on the stove in minutes or oven-baked, everyone can share this gluten-free stuffing free from Top 8 allergens. Use as a base for your family's favourite recipe. Vegan.
Weight: 185 g/ 6.5 oz
Qty/Pkg: 1


North America’s favorite cookie, crispy, crunchy, full of chocolate, gluten-free & allergy friendly. A recipe perfected by three generations of bakers. VEGAN.
Weight: 220g/ 8oz
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