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Strawberries create the perfect addition to 4th of July celebrations. Dip in white chocolate and add a touch of blue and red.

Strawberries add the perfect pop of red to your Canada Day spread, add a touch of white chocolate for that red and white touch.

No campfire? We've got your treats covered with this quick and easy S'moreables® Donut.

Have fun with your donuts. Pick your favourite flavour and decorate with KinniKritters® Animal Cookies.

Chocolate and Mint oh my! Mint chocolate and KinniTOOS® Mint Magic cookies on top of our chocolate lovers donuts.

Loaded with layers of cinnamon from our CinnaBunFun Kinni-TOOS® to the donut it's nestled on. Add a touch of cream cheese to take this over the top. Your taste buds will thank you!

Apple pie filling nestled in a Cinnamon Sugar Donut with a dash of cream to top off the fun.

Layers of cinnamon and a drizzle of caramel sauce round out this simple yet flavourful donut.

Create a breakfast treat by topping our soft donuts with your favourite crunchy gluten-free cereal, smothered in caramel sauce.

Breakfast harmony comes with caramel, bacon and a touch or salt, loaded on a Maple Donut. Scrumptious!

Transform Maple Glazed Donuts in seconds. Simply top with graham crumbs & maple drizzle. Add fresh fruit and whipping cream for a quick dessert option.

Vanilla Glazed Donuts dipped in coconut cream and smothered in sweet shredded coconut.

Best of both worlds, yummy Vanilla Glazed Donuts and crunchy Kinni-TOOS® nestled in white chocolate.

Need a quick dessert that looks like you spent hours? Try this simple version of a donut strawberry shortcake.

Loaded with fresh berries, the perfect summertime dessert. Light mascarpone filling with a chocolate surprise layer inside.

The perfect start to a hot summer day...Loaded with all natural flavours and vibrant colours.

Rich creamy mascarpone and cream cheese make up this filling. Topped with an array or berries and a chocolate surprise inside. A stunning show piece to WOW your guests!

Dairy-free sweet coconut flavour with a touch of tart lime. Perfect for summertime BBQ season.

All the notes of summer in a light and vibrant coloured filling nestled in a flaky tart shell. A stunning addition to your next BBQ spread.

Loaded with rich cheese, subtle notes of spring chives, leeks and asparagus. Perfect as an appetizer or brunch add on.

Perfect to add to your next elegant tea party or indulge on their own. Creamy light custard with sweet banana pieces nestled throughout.

Creamy egg salad with crisp cucumber and radish slices nestled between our Seeded or White Wide Loaf.

Here are three super easy Easter decorated cupcakes. Let your creative juices flow!

A vibrant add on to cupcakes, cakes or cookies. Use as a table decoration to add a touch of spring.

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