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Try these loaded sweet potato medallions instead of the traditional potato

This appetizer is packed full of flavour. Add different toppings for variety.

These classy appetizers are sure to add a pop of colour to your table

This light and refreshing appetizer is the perfect addition to your line up.

Try this twist instead of potato skins!

It’s hard to stop after just one. Seasonal scrumptiousness.

These cookies are moist, light and have a cakey texture.

These are great to pre- make and freeze, they're the perfect anytime dessert!

Perfect for light and refreshing cucumber sandwiches!

Perfect for that leftover eggnog!

Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies made with our sugar cookie mix.

Want something different for breakfast or dessert? Try these toast cups for something fun.

We’re using our blueberry bagels for this version of a blueberry bread pudding!

Taste just like a creamy fudgicle!

This recipe uses our Sriracha Honey Ginger Sauce.

Great on its own or served with fresh berries and whipping cream.

A light and airy golden sponge topped with fresh summertime strawberries.

Switch this creation up by using any one of our three Kinni-TOOS® Sandwich Crème Cookies.

Gooey Cheesy Goodness!

These chocolatey coconut cookies won’t last long!

Raspberries nestled with dark chocolate make up this super moist cake.

A touch of heat and sweet!

You won’t believe how simple this elegant looking recipe is!

Back to the classics!

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