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Make them, roll them, cut them as you need.

This sweet summertime salsa is followed by a touch of heat!

For those red velvet lovers we’ve created a breakfast just for you.

This salsa pair’s perfect with our southwest chicken recipe.

Fill the house with the seasonal smell of fresh gingerbread cookies.

Change up the dried fruit or seeds to add a twist to this hearty cookie.

These waffles are the perfect complement to your sweet topping creations.

Crisp and flakey on the outside and chewy on the inside makes this cookie a keeper.

These creamy smooth truffles are packed full of pumpkin flavour.

Don’t have time to watch a pot, try this baked version of rice pudding.

Perfect dessert for summertime BBQ season! Served on a sugar crusted tea biscuit.

Perfect for school lunches or an afternoon snack.

A tart cranberry nestled inside a smooth ginger filling enrobed in white chocolate.

For all your favourites from cheesecake, squares and pies!

Use fresh, canned or frozen peaches for this pie. Use Kinnikinnick Flakey pie crust recipe or Kinnikinnick prepared pie shells.

The best of both worlds a chocolate chip cookie with a KinniTOOS® surprise inside!

A light and airy dessert sure to tempt even full tummies after dinner!

This light and airy dessert with a touch of mint is perfect for St Patrick's Day Festivities!

Perfect with veggies, chips or spread on top of Crostini!

These aerated clouds of coconut are a coconut lover’s dream cookie.

Tender chicken in a crispy coating, need we say more!

These light tarts are packed full of raspberry tartness!

These truffles with their hidden raspberry gem inside are sure to be a hit!

These tea biscuits are perfect with or without the lemon drizzle.

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