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Ham and pineapple make up this classic pizza

Amongst the favourites in the pizza world!

Three of your favourite pizza toppings smothered between layers of gooey cheese.

For the veggie lover in all of us!

Change the base of your pizza from the ordinary. This vegetarian creation is sure to delight!

Puréed veggies make a great base for all your favourite pizza toppings.

An Italian classic, the same style as featured on our Pizza Crust Box

For a twist to the normal breakfast routine.

For a different take on a S'more, use Kinnikinnick Pizza Crust as the base. Who says pizza can't be for dessert!?

A crisp pizza loaded with fresh veggies nestled under creamy eggs.

Don't care for red sauce on your pizza; try our creamy pesto recipe for a change.


Weight: 300 g / 10.6 oz
Qty/Pkg: Two