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Loaded with fresh fruit and notes of ginger. These stunning buns are the perfect add on to your next brunch gathering or afternoon tea.

Long standing Christmas Tradition , Christmas Pudding served warm, and flambé at the table with brandy. Serve with Brandy Butter or vanilla custard. Sure to be a show stopper!

Orange and lemon zest with layers of candied fruit throughout a light crumb make up this version of our fruitcake.

Dark rich fruitcake loaded with orange notes and festive fruit. Perfect to keep on hand all year long for those fruitcake lovers amongst us.

Make a head and freeze for a quick breakfast on the go. Mini French Toast Mounds made with Kinnikinnick Cinnamon Raisin Bread.

Twist to the basic French Toast or Wife Saver recipe. This version is layers of Cinnamon Raisin Bread with a Cinnamon Apple and Mascarpone Filling. Baked in a maple syrup egg mixture.

Our version of a key lime pie with regular limes. Not quite the same tartness but loaded with lime flavour.

Light and refreshing lime pie with subtle sweet notes nestled in a graham crust.

This recipe works well for grab and go sizes or as a stunning trifle. Layers of fresh cream, strawberries and angel food cake. Sure to be a crowd pleaser for your next gathering.

White cupcakes loaded with a creamy light mascarpone filling and finished with a buttery cream icing. Garnish with your favourite edible sprinkles or a simple yet classy raspberry.

Add a whimsical touch to your Canada Day celebration. What could be better than fruit on a stick for on the go celebrations.

Simple refreshing fruit salad loaded with assorted berries and watermelon. Cut watermelon into your favourite shapes...dinosaurs, flowers or stars maybe.

A light and refreshing summertime delight with layers of fresh fruit and lemon filling. Decorate for 4th of July with rows of strawberries, whipping cream and blueberries.

Layers of light and fluffy angel food cake, fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Perfect individual grab and go portions for Canada Day Celebrations!

Loaded with natural maple flavour and cut into a delicate maple leaf. Perfect as decorations, on their own or filled with a creamy maple filling.

Add a pop of red, white and blue to your 4th of July celebration!

Super easy dessert the whole family will love. Add ice cream and your favourite sundae toppings for a summertime treat.

Strawberries create the perfect addition to 4th of July celebrations. Dip in white chocolate and add a touch of blue and red.

Strawberries add the perfect pop of red to your Canada Day spread, add a touch of white chocolate for that red and white touch.

No campfire? We've got your treats covered with this quick and easy S'moreables® Donut.

Have fun with your donuts. Pick your favourite flavour and decorate with KinniKritters® Animal Cookies.

Chocolate and Mint oh my! Mint chocolate and KinniTOOS® Mint Magic cookies on top of our chocolate lovers donuts.

Loaded with layers of cinnamon from our CinnaBunFun Kinni-TOOS® to the donut it's nestled on. Add a touch of cream cheese to take this over the top. Your taste buds will thank you!

Apple pie filling nestled in a Cinnamon Sugar Donut with a dash of cream to top off the fun.

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