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Perfect for adding a pop of colour to your Valentine's Day table or enjoying on their own.

Quick and Easy Canada Day decorations that the whole family can have fun with. Add a filling or keep it simple. Use edible gluten-free sprinkles, gels or flag toothpicks to decorate.

Something about decadent chocolate, raspberries and subtle shades of red and pink that say I love you on Valentine's Day.

Add a cute or romantic message to your heart shaped sugar cookies. Perfect for sharing with loved one's.

Chewy sweet gems pair perfect with whipped cream cheese for dunking.

Need something sweet with a pop of colour to add to your game day table? Try these quick and easy cupcakes sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Kinnikinnick celebrates 30 scrumptious years in 2021. We wanted to share with you this stunning anniversary style cake. Perfect template for any special occasion form weddings, anniversaries to milestone birthdays.

A special pan is required for this stunning classic. Checkerboard blue and yellow cake is a tribute to Kinnikinnick Flag colours. Any two colour combinations will work.

Layers of moist carrot cake filled with rich cream cheese icing, enrobed in a creamy butter cream icing. Sure to be the star of any gathering.

Need something quick that's no bake for a birthday cake or fun dessert? We've got you covered with this easy to make 4 ingredient cake.

Donut lovers rejoice for this iconic cartoon loved pink sprinkled donut.

This salty and sweet combination is taken up a level with a crispy graham and bacon crumble.

Elegant snowflakes dazzle on top of layers of coconut cream filled cake.

Super-moist pumpkin cake where are imitates life. Add a scary or fun face from fondant cut-outs for Halloween!

We've used our Pancake and Waffle Mix for this southern style peach cobbler. Perfect for dessert or breakfast.

Slather on the Nut Free Chocolate Spread to fill every nook and cranny of our crispy Traditional English Muffin.

Add a stunning edition to your Sunday morning brunch routine.

Canadian Classic Nanaimo Bars with a creamy mint filling.

Mint lovers rejoice! Creamy, slurpy, minty, safe and scrumptious. Cool down on a hot summers day.

Minty fudge texture loaded with marshmallows and crunchy bites of Mint Magic KinniTOOS®.

This no-bake cheesecake is nestled on a Kinnikinnick Mint Magic KinniTOOS®. You might want to grab one two or three!

Crumbled cookies, chocolate cake and a creamy mint filling topped off with a buttery mint icing. This little cupcake is loaded with magical peppermint flavour in every bite.

Want a quick treat for the kids they can make themselves? Try this two-minute dessert.

Super easy to make cupcakes loaded with sprinkles and a surprise Birthday KinniTOOS® nestled on the bottom.

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