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Perfect dip served with your favourite tortilla chips, pretzels or use as a topping on game day nachos or chili fries.

A sweet and fruity with a touch of tartness, round out this bold colourful dressing.

Tangy and tart dressing with complex notes are the finishing touch to any mixture of baby greens.

Bold and tangy flavours make up this complex dressing. Perfect on any salad combination or marinating vegetables.

Complex flavours that pair well with arugula, olives and onions.

A quick and easy Caesar Salad dressing the perfect topping for crisp romaine lettuce or your next sandwich wrap creation.

Loaded with herbs, this creamy vegan dressing can be made with your favourite dairy-free sour cream or yogurt substitute.

We've taken our basic butter cream and added a hint of mint for the holiday season.

Pairs perfect with Kinnikinnick Breads or Bagels. Add to your next BLT creation.

For a change to the ordinary. Add vibrant strawberry real fruit syrup to your brunch table.

A Mexican cheese dip with a touch of heat. Perfect for dipping or lathering on nachos.

Add a light and refreshing spread to your next toasted bagel or use as a fruit dip.

Packed with real fruit, pairs perfectly with crêpes, waffles or pancakes.

Loaded with a lemony citrus flavour and salty notes of feta.

Another suggestion for all that rhubarb! Preserves are a great way to have that flavour all year long.

Rich chocolate pairs perfect on top of any of your favourite gluten-free breads, waffles or pizza crust.

Lemony, zesty, sweet and slightly tart fresh Lemon Curd.

Sweet and Savoury flavoured butters add a complexity to your next kitchen creation.

A sweet dippable spread that tastes just like chocolate cookie dough!

Packed full of basil flavour. Use in place of red sauce for your next pizza or pasta night.

Subtle hints of coconut make this Vegan Chocolate Sauce a welcome addition to your favourite dessert line up.

Featured on our Hickory BBQ Chicken flatbread.

Savoury crisp focaccia triangles pair perfect with this spicy dip.

Zesty vibrant dip pairs well with veggies or toasted bread for dipping.

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