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Decadent rich chocolate pie with subtle hints of coconut.

Light and airy coconut cream paired with berries and finished with a coconut chocolate sauce.

Light and refreshing dessert after a heavy meal. Perfect all year round.

Subtle notes of cardamom and fresh tart berries piled high on a crisp flatbread.

An American classic perfect for any occasion.

Light airy dessert with pieces of orange swirled in a cream filling.

The unforgettable taste of a butter tart in a bar format.

A zesty lemon bar with a sweet coconut topping.

We've taken the classic magic bar and made it gluten free with no nuts.

Here are two ideas for some edible decorations to add to your holiday décor.

A quick dessert in a pinch that looks like you spent all day making.

Quick and easy edible decorations to add to your table decor.

Loaded with fresh blueberries and the subtle hint of cardamom.

Rich chocolate nestled between Bing cherries and cream.

The perfect light dessert topped with an array of fresh fruit. A stunning addition to any table.

Decorate with fresh fruit to create a variety of looks.

Perfect for the whole family to get involved. Let your imagination run wild.

Cookies turned into pumpkins in seconds. Everyone will love these.

Decadent layers of espresso-soaked vanilla wafers between creamy mascarpone create this most beloved Italian tradition.

A light and refreshing summertime delight with layers of fresh fruit.

This treat has a texture of fudge and a no bake brownie with layers of S'moreables® present in every bite.

S'mores are made for sharing, dive into this all in one version.

Can't get outside to use a fire pit...try this sweet s'more bar that is prepared in your oven.

Elevate your S'mores to the next level. Slice a banana, fill with marshmallows & chocolate, wrap in foil and toss into the embers.

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