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This tangy sauce pairs great with poultry!

Chocolate brings out the dark, rich full flavour of chicken or ribs!

A childhood favourite provided by the Reiniger Family

Add a little tang to your next veggie sandwich or veggie dip.

From crab cakes to chicken fingers, this dipping sauce is a perfect accompaniement!

Perfect addition to any dessert, ice cream, crepes or pancakes!

A rich buttery sauce, the perfect topping for Eggs Benny or surf and turf seafood steak dinners.

Goes great with our buttermilk chicken and waffles.

From vegetables to sandwiches to roast beef this aioli is the perfect finishing touch.

This buttery Buffalo Sauce is sure to be a crowd pleaser on your next wing fest!

This chocolate sauce is packed full of fudgey goodness. Perfect for your next sundae creation.

Perfect topping on our orange creamsicle cupcake.

Serve over french toast, pancakes or angel food cake. The possibilities are endless!

A no fail recipe that will please the whole table.

Zesty cheesy dip packed full of all your favourite pizza flavours. Crispy pizza crust wedges make the perfect carrier.

Try this salted caramel version of our base butter cream for your next cake or cupcake.

Try this salty twist on caramel sauce, perfect for a topping or dip.

Perfect for any shell fish or try on your next batch of asparagus spears.

Goes great with soft Burrito cheese, an italian specialty.

Nothing too fancy here, just the basic!

Goes great with our buttermilk chicken and waffles for a bit of kick.

Perfect for coating, cooking or dipping

Perfect to add to your dessert or breakfast

Try this sauce instead of your basic burger condiments.

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