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Loaded with fresh berries, the perfect summertime dessert. Light mascarpone filling with a chocolate surprise layer inside.

The perfect start to a hot summer day...Loaded with all natural flavours and vibrant colours.

Rich creamy mascarpone and cream cheese make up this filling. Topped with an array or berries and a chocolate surprise inside. A stunning show piece to WOW your guests!

Dairy-free sweet coconut flavour with a touch of tart lime. Perfect for summertime BBQ season.

All the notes of summer in a light and vibrant coloured filling nestled in a flaky tart shell. A stunning addition to your next BBQ spread.

Loaded with rich cheese, subtle notes of spring chives, leeks and asparagus. Perfect as an appetizer or brunch add on.

Perfect to add to your next elegant tea party or indulge on their own. Creamy light custard with sweet banana pieces nestled throughout.

Creamy egg salad with crisp cucumber and radish slices nestled between our Seeded or White Wide Loaf.

Here are three super easy Easter decorated cupcakes. Let your creative juices flow!

A vibrant add on to cupcakes, cakes or cookies. Use as a table decoration to add a touch of spring.

Bright and vibrant Easter Nests add a pop of colour to your Easter table. A light and stunning end to a heavy meal.

Loaded with all your S'more favourites and the addition of candied Easter eggs. This candy bar is a special treat for all ages.

CinnaBunFun KinniTOOS® and cream cheese truffles cleverly decorated for Easter. These little bunny bottoms and faces are a quick themed add on to your Easter Celebration!

Toasted chewy bagels topped with layers of lox, capers and cream cheese. Add a few slices of tomatoes and cucumber with a touch of dill and you have a meal in itself.

Indulge in all your favourite rich foods on Fat Tuesday! Have fun with our Kinnikinnick Donuts and decorate in your favourite colours.

Chocolate dipped strawberries are the perfect carrier for a variety of gluten-free cookies. Let your imagination go wild!

These fun and creative cupcakes are perfect for the kids or that special love bug in your life!

Perfect for adding a pop of colour to your Valentine's Day table or enjoying on their own.

Quick and Easy Canada Day decorations that the whole family can have fun with. Add a filling or keep it simple. Use edible gluten-free sprinkles, gels or flag toothpicks to decorate.

Chewy sweet gems pair perfect with whipped cream cheese for dunking.

Smothered in cheese these chewy pretzel twists resemble a bread stick. Perfect for snacking or dipping in your favourite soup, chowder or stew.

Salty and chewy twisted pretzels goes perfect with grainy, Dijon or yellow mustard.

Salty and chewy pairs perfect with all your favourite game day dips.

Need something sweet with a pop of colour to add to your game day table? Try these quick and easy cupcakes sure to be a crowd pleaser.

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