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Simple refreshing fruit salad loaded with assorted berries and watermelon. Cut watermelon into your favourite shapes...dinosaurs, flowers or stars maybe.

Add a touch of colour to your 4th of July picnic table with this red, white and blue version of a fruit salad. Simple but eye catching.

Quick and easy quiche on the go for breakfast, lunch or a quick appetizer.

A timeless classic loaded with salty bacon and chives in a grab and go version.

Individual portions perfect for lunch or breakfast on the go. Loaded with mushrooms and creamy goat cheese nestled in a flaky tart shell.

Gooey cheese nestled between two pieces of our grilled White Wide Loaf. Yummy!

An open faced steak sandwich exploding with Thai flavours. Topped with a spicy and sweet pineapple salsa. Perfect for a light and refreshing change to the ordinary lunch or dinner line up.

This double decker sandwich is loaded with flavours and textures. Starting with a creamy tuna filling followed by layers of crunchy lettuce, tomato and bacon. A must try for the Clubhouse enthusiast!

Salty bacon and crispy crab cakes pair perfectly layered with fresh tomatoes and lettuce in this land to sea version of a Clubhouse.

Elevate lunchtime with this crisp panino loaded with bold flavours. Your taste buds will celebrate!

Balanced with layers of cranberry sweetness and crisp celery...Perfect for a quick meal on a hot summer day.

Creamy egg salad with crisp cucumber and radish slices nestled between our Seeded or White Wide Loaf.

Kinnikinnick Wide Loaves are the perfect base for a stacked Clubhouse.

These sweet gems are packed full of harvest flavour. Perfect as an appetizer or a side dish.

Toasted chewy bagels topped with layers of lox, capers and cream cheese. Add a few slices of tomatoes and cucumber with a touch of dill and you have a meal in itself.

For the main course, nothing beats a hardy bowl of game day chili.

Cut-out pizza crust into shapes to add to your next Game Day gathering.

Layers of moist carrot cake filled with rich cream cheese icing, enrobed in a creamy butter cream icing. Sure to be the star of any gathering.

Quick yeast free savoury sweet buns pairs perfect with any main dish.

This light and refreshing vegetarian delight is sure to wake up the senses!

Perfect for a quick afternoon pick me up or a quick lunch on the go.

No pizza crust on hand, try this quick and easy version. Perfect for lunch in a jiff!

Gooey grilled cheese sandwiches nestled under a layer of tomato soup. Gourmet comfort food!

Childhood favourites in one easy bake dish. Artisan rolls loaded with cheese nestled in tomato soup.

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