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Loaded with flavour and a crisp topping. Perfect as the main attraction or a side dish.

Quick appetizer packed full of creamy rich filling with a crispy stuffing topper.

Individual portions ready to serve. Keep frozen Stuffing Cups on hand for a quick meal add on.

Friday, August 6, 2021

All the flavours of a Thanksgiving dinner nestled into one bite!

A box of ingredients you can deliver to family and friends to make for a fun night together sharing one of our favourite flatbread recipes. #TopThat

An explosion of fall flavours perfect served hot or cold.

One of our favourite superfoods stars in this crostini creation!

Robust soup with layers of roasted flavour.

Bite size gems that go perfect with soup or your next breakfast creation.

Perfect snack for those late night movie munchies.

Tender chicken in a crispy coating, nesteled between crispy waffles. Need we say more!

Serve hot from the oven with butter and coarse salt.

Pop in your mouth flavourful morsels.

Crispy bite size golden gems. Baked not fried!

A light and refreshing tartlet with notes of fresh lemon.

Perfect on their own as appetizer or the main attraction.

Loaded pizza with all your favourite nacho toppings.

An Italian classic, the same style as featured on our Pizza Crust Box

For the veggie lover in all of us!

Three of your favourite pizza toppings smothered between layers of gooey cheese.

This spicy combination is sure to get your mouth watering!

Savoury crisp focaccia triangles pair perfect with this spicy dip.

Use Kinnikinnick Flatbread or Pizza Crust. Perfect on their own or with your favourite dip or topping.

A sweet and tangy flatbread creation loaded with flavour and vibrant colours.

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