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Loaded with an array of toppings creates a new creation in every bite.

A French-style pastry filled with an array of colours and flavours nestled in a flakey crust.

Classic for a reason, roast potatoes compliment any dish. Try this simple, super succesful every time recipe.

Carrots add a pop of colour to your table and any celebration.

A succulent golden brown turkey with layers of herbs.

Mushroom lovers rejoice, this flatbread is made just for you!

Sweet, savoury and tart with pops of red perfect to add to your appetizer line up.

Pickled and marinated vegetables add exceptional flavour and a unique look to this appetizer.

Featured on our Flatbread product packaging - loaded with vibrant colours and flavours

This elegant creation has layers of flavours and colours. A surprise in every bite.

Sweet and savoury all wrapped into one perfect side dish.

Beefy goodness smothered in horseradish aioli and aus jus for dippin!

Upscale that lunch box and add your version of a club sandwich.

A salty sweet grown up twist on a grilled cheese.

Your taste buds are going to be pleasently surprised by the layers of flavour in this vegetarian delight.

Use individual mason jars for the perfect grab and go salad on your next sunny picnic day.

Vibrant spring greens & crispy bacon finished with a refreshing salsa verde. A perfect side for any dsh.

Bighten up any meal with this sweet, tangy classic carrot side dish, that goes with just about everything.

Creamy & cheesy, perfect scalloped potatoes every time! Sure to become a family favourite. Great side for celebration dinners too.

Try this Irish version of a potato pancake, crisp on the outside and soft in the middle.

This soup is loaded with bacon, rich cream and a medley of onion flavours!

Mash potatoes with shredded cabbage and green onions added.

Hearty bread is the heart of the family. Here's our gluten-free take on a traditional Irish staple.

This hearty vegan soup is packed full of flavour!

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