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Bite size gems that go perfect with soup or your next breakfast creation.

No dehydrator no worries. This version is dried out in your oven.

Another suggestion for all that rhubarb! Preserves are a great way to have that flavour all year long.

Rich chocolate pairs perfect on top of any of your favourite gluten-free breads, waffles or pizza crust.

Lemony, zesty, sweet and slightly tart fresh Lemon Curd.

Quick and easy afterschool snack or mid-day break.

This light and refreshing vegetarian delight is sure to wake up the senses!

Add an explosion of flavour to your next vegan or vegetarian creation.

Perfect snack for those late night movie munchies.

Tender chicken in a crispy coating, nesteled between crispy waffles. Need we say more!

Quick and easy breakfast creation packed full of flavour and texture.

Pairs perfectly with a cup of tea for an afternnon snack.

Super moist and loaded with notes of chocolate and banana in every bite.

These muffins are packed full of harvest flavours!

Serve hot from the oven with butter and coarse salt.

Pop in your mouth flavourful morsels.

Struggle at rolling out pie dough ? Try this simple rustic apple creation.

Perfect on their own as appetizer or the main attraction.

Add a whimsicle touch to your dessert table.

Perfect treats for an allergy friendly kid's party!

Graham KinniKritters® are the star of this sweet and salty mix!

A sweet dippable spread that tastes just like chocolate cookie dough!

Fudgy egg free brownies. Perfect for an afternoon pick me up. Vegan recipe.

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