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Perfect treats for an allergy friendly kid's party!

Graham KinniKritters® are the star of this sweet and salty mix!

A sweet dippable spread that tastes just like chocolate cookie dough!

Fudgy egg free brownies. Perfect for an afternoon pick me up. Vegan recipe.

Combination of your favourite KinniTOOS® and soft chocolate chip cookies.

Loaded pizza with all your favourite nacho toppings.

For a different take on a S'more, use Kinnikinnick Pizza Crust as the base. Who says pizza can't be for dessert!?

Salty prosciutto and creamy yolks smothered on top of a crisp pizza crust. Perfect for anytime of day.

Three of your favourite pizza toppings smothered between layers of gooey cheese.

Amongst the favourites in the pizza world!

This spicy combination is sure to get your mouth watering!

This elegant creation has layers of flavours and colours. A surprise in every bite.

The unforgettable taste of a butter tart in a bar format.

A zesty lemon bar with a sweet coconut topping.

Golden potato crisps loaded with flavour.

Vibrant red plump tomatoes nestled on a crisp crostini.

Sweet, savoury and tart with pops of red perfect to add to your appetizer line up.

Pickled and marinated vegetables add exceptional flavour and a unique look to this appetizer.

The perfect light dessert topped with an array of fresh fruit. A stunning addition to any table.

Decorate with fresh fruit to create a variety of looks.

An energy packed vibrant snack loaded with flavour and nutrients.

Classic creamy egg salad with fresh pea shoots. Perfect filling for our Multigrain, White or Whole Grain Bread.

Light and refreshing perfect for breakfast or a mid-day snack

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