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This simple salad pairs perfect with grilled steak or chicken!

For a quick snack, light meal or simple breakfast, Avocado Toast is healthy, hearty & hard to beat!

Try this Irish version of a potato pancake, crisp on the outside and soft in the middle.

This soup is loaded with bacon, rich cream and a medley of onion flavours!

Hearty bread is the heart of the family. Here's our gluten-free take on a traditional Irish staple.

This hearty vegan soup is packed full of flavour!

Check out our website for some quick and easy dips to make.

This soft cookie bar goes perfectly with that afternoon coffee.

This hearty yeast free bread pairs great with soups, chowders and stews.

Need a change from the ordinary pasta salad. Try this at your next BBQ or potluck.

We've taken your basic mashed potatoes and made them elegant!

Perfect on their own or nestled on top of your favourite burger!

A salty sweet grown up twist on a grilled cheese.

Need a twist from the ordinary…. try this harvest creation!

This yeast free bread has a touch of sweetness from the raisins.

This Italian sandwich is sure to stand out at your next picnic with its vibrant colours and layers of flavour.

Perfect for light and refreshing cucumber sandwiches!

These potato pancakes have a touch of sweetness from the pancake mix.

Looking for a little zip to your everyday potatoes, try this creation for your next gathering.

A little bit of sweet and heat !

Bacon and Cheddar nestled in a delicious pancake!

Switch this creation up by using any one of our three Kinni-TOOS® Sandwich Crème Cookies.

Perfect for those days you don’t feel like watching a pot boil.

Perfect for chicken or ribs. Try this sweet and tangy BBQ sauce for baking meats, BBQ or dipping.

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