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Try our Kinnikinnick Chocolate Cake Mix for your next batch of Cupcakes.

This easy chocolate cheesecake bar makes a nice light dessert!

Crisp and flakey on the outside and chewy on the inside makes this cookie a keeper.

A super moist carrot cake with scrumptious cream cheese icing!

Great to use for parfaits! Layer whipping cream, chocolate pudding, sliced strawberries and Kinnikinnick Vanilla Wafers in a parfait glass for an afternoon treat.

We've taken our pancake mix and elevated it into a classic coffee cake!

Layers of cherries, kirsch and fresh whipping cream make up this flavourful cake.

These aerated clouds of coconut are a coconut lover’s dream cookie.

This filling can be used for coconut cream pie or in between layers of a cake.

White cupcakes with pieces of KinniTOOS® and a rich butter cream icing. Yummy!

Fragrant orange and cranberry compliment this moist sponge, full of texture, tradition and class.

This dairy free version is loaded with pumpkin flavour!

Deep rich notes of sweet dates, it's hard to stop after just one slice.

Perfect for that leftover eggnog!

Moist white cake loaded with raisins, cranberries and cherries. Soaked in spiced rum. Perfect elegant edition to your festive gatherings.

Light and flaky. Perfect for savoury and sweet applications. You'd never know it's gluten-free.

This silky smooth chocolatey cheesecake is perfect on its own.

Perfect addition to any dessert, ice cream, crepes or pancakes!

Great as an afternoon snack or in your favourite pies and cakes!

Holiday classic! Freeze these tarts to enjoy the holiday goodness year-round!

What could be better than a warmed Kinnikinnick Chocolate Glazed Donut smothered in vanilla ice cream and covered in warm Hot Fudge…Yummy!

We’ve taken our Angel Food Cake mix and created a light and Golden Sponge.

These Fudgey Brownies are packed full of chocolatey goodness!

A decadent dessert that will have everyone coming back for seconds and thirds!

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