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Perfect topping on our orange creamsicle cupcake.

A simple recipe loaded with flavour using one of our most versatile products, Pancake & Waffle Mix. A must in any gluten-free pantry.

Who doesn't love traditional banana bread? Scrumptious as is, or better toasted and slathered with you favourite buttery spread.

We've taken our basic butter cream and added a hint of mint for the holiday season.

This chocolate sauce is packed full of fudgey goodness. Perfect for your next sundae creation.

This creamy buttery icing has just a touch of chocolate.

If you love a good chewy cookie this one is sure to please!

Flaky pie crust filled with tart cherries.

Is it a brownie or a cookie or a bar!

The perfect treat for any time of the day. N America's favourite type of cookie.

Decorated Chocolate Chip Easter Egg shaped cookies. Load up the sprinkles for a cookie decorating party.

Try our Kinnikinnick Chocolate Cake Mix for your next batch of Cupcakes.

This easy chocolate cheesecake bar makes a nice light dessert!

Decadent doesn't begin to describe this awesome cheesecake.

Crisp and flakey on the outside and chewy on the inside makes this cookie a keeper.

A super moist carrot cake with scrumptious cream cheese icing!

Great to use for parfaits! Layer whipping cream, chocolate pudding, sliced strawberries and Kinnikinnick Vanilla Wafers in a parfait glass for an afternoon treat.

We've taken our pancake mix and elevated it into a classic coffee cake!

Layers of cherries, kirsch and fresh whipping cream make up this flavourful cake.

These aerated clouds of coconut are a coconut lover’s dream cookie.

This filling can be used for coconut cream pie or in between layers of a cake.

White cupcakes with pieces of KinniTOOS® and a rich butter cream icing. Yummy!

A tart cranberry nestled inside a smooth ginger filling enrobed in white chocolate.

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